Working to connect all British Columbians
to the knowledge economy.

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The Digital Divide Policy Forum has been launched by a number of organizations and individuals concerned with the need to develop a broad concensus within Biritsh Columbia on how to "Bridge the Digital Divide ".

As indicated by The National Broadband Task Force, Canada and British Columbia have made the transition to a knowledge-based economy. Along with the promise and potential, this shift in society has created new challenges we must work to understand and overcome.

The National Broadband Task force articulated the principles that should govern the development of this new knowledge-based economy.

All Canadians should have access to broadband network services so that they can take advantage of broadband opportunities wherever they live.

The Digital Divide Policy Forum endorses this principle as the foundation for the Broadband Strategy for BC. The National Task Force recommended a number of specific initiatives and an aggressive goal for Canada:

To connect all Canadians, regardless of location or status, to high-speed Internet and related services by 2004.
Over the next ten or twenty years, the development of broadband networks, services and applications will have a profound effect on all aspects of Canadian life.

- The National Broadband Task Force 2001
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