1st Garry Oak Sea Scouts

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International Code of Signals Name & Nautical Meaning

Nautical Signal flag pennant letter A a
Alfa Bravo Charlie Delta Echo
Diver Down; Keep Clear Dangerous Cargo Yes Keep Clear Altering Course to Starboard
Foxtrot Golf Hotel India Juliett
Disabled Want a Pilot Pilot on Board Altering Course to Port On Fire; Keep Clear
Kilo Lima Mike November Oscar
Desire to Communicate Stop Instantly I Am Stopped No Man Overboard
Papa Quebec Romeo Sierra Tango
About to Sail Request Pratique Engines Going Astern Keep Clear of Me
Uniform Victor Whiskey X-ray Yankee
Standing into Danger Require Assistance Require Medical Assistance Stop Your Intention Am Dragging Anchor
Zulu 1st Repeat 2nd Repeat 3rd Repeat
Require a Tug Repeat First Flag Repeat Second Flag Repeat Third Flag
Zero One Two Three Four
Five Six Seven Eight Nine
Code - End of Message / Decimal