Four men were playing golf one day.  One was detained in the clubhouse  
while the other three were walking to the first tee.  They began to 
discuss their sons.

The first one said, "My son has made quite a name for himself as a  
builder. He built a new home for one of his friends last year."

The second one said, "My son is a successful car dealer.  He gave a  
friend two brand-new cars last year."

The third one's son was a stockbroker. "He gave a friend of his a great 
stock portfolio," said the man.

The fourth man finally arrived. "We were just discussing our sons,"
said  one of the other three. "What does your son do?"

"He's been a successful hairdresser for fifteen years," said the man, 
"and yes, he's gay, and I'm proud of him.  He's very popular.  In fact, 
in the last year his boyfriends have given him a house, two new cars, and 
a stock portfolio!"