Introductions and Interests is the place to formally 
introduce yourself to the Free-Net community.  The purpose 
of this group is to facilitate the formation of Communities 
of Interest--to put you in touch with other people who share 
your interests and have fun.

To use this SIG, simply post a message in the newsgroup 
(menu choice #2).   In you message, explain your hobbies and 
interests, your likes and dislikes.  Go into details, ramble 
on, if that's you.   If you like wind surfing, then say what 
it is about wind surfing you like.  This may not seem 
important now, but when there's 10,000 folks on the Victoria 
Free-Net, little details will help distinguish you from the 
hundreds of others who might also share that hobby.

Communities of interest can span gender, age, race, and 
geographic boundaries.   So, avoid stating preferences for 
these attributes.  After all, in the Free-Net community, 
these attributes are invisible anyway.  Gray-haired grannies 
can hob-nob with green-haired teens, if they both say, raise 
herbs on their balconies.  This is part of the beauty of on-
line communications.

If you, by chance, find True Love through your electronic 
correspondence, that's great.  But this is not a dating 
service.  So, please bear that in mind.   A list of local 
"singles" services (for the consenting adults out there) 
will be on-line soon.  All people of all ages are invited to 
introduce themselves here.  

JUST A REMINDER.  Never post someone else's personal 
information, like his or her phone number or address.  Aside 
from it being a nasty invasion of privacy, it is a sensible 
rule you agreed to when you got your Free-Net account.  By 
the way, posting your OWN phone number and/or address is 
generally not a good idea--unless you like being hassled by 
complete strangers trying to sell you insurance, burglarize 
your home, etc.

Creative and constructive comments are always welcome.