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Fathers, Children, Family & Community - A Programming Manual for Counsellors, Parent Educators and Family Advocates


Greetings all. 

Glenn Cheriton has just finished publishing my book, and I am grateful and proud of all the work that both of us have put into it. I hope that it is made use of by professionals and lay persons alike and that in some way, however big or small, it will add to the pot, and make a difference. As a counsellor, I have contributed to the "professional pot" in an attempt to educate other professionals regarding the injustices some of us here have faced at one time or another.

Please find a way to get your bookstore, library, MLA, MP, Lawyer, advocate or counselling agency to purchase this book. The title is: "Fathers, Children, Family & Community - A Programming Manual for Counsellors, Parent Educators and Family Advocates". The ISBN # is 0-88970-105-9. The price is $16.95 and is available in softcover.

The book contains Canadian data that supports shared-parenting. It also has a parenting plan, guidelines for sharing the children (frequency of going from moms house to dads house IE every 3 days or weekly etc.) according to their age. It also contains a tool to help quantify father's level of involvement, in lieu of "primary care giver" status. There is also a Fathering Program for those who want to start this type of program in their community.

I hope this book helps us fathers, as there didn't seem to be anything out there when I needed it several years ago and professionals still need now I find that there are many professionals who need this education/information). Hopefully, this book addresses most of the major issues that dads face when their families are separating or divorcing.

This book is dedicated to all those children and parents who lost their families, heritage and culture to separation and divorce.


Guy Thisdelle

Glenn Cheriton of Commoners" Publishing can be reached at: (his new address is): 631 Tubman Cr. Ottawa, Ontario, K1V 8L5 phone (613) 523-2444 and fax: 260-0401 new e-mail is


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