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Oshawa, Ontario

Senator Anne Cools dazzled the attendees at the monthly meeting of Non-Custodial Parents held in Oshawa, Ontario, Sunday April 6, 1997.

Speaking to a near capacity audience of non-custodial parents, grandparents and second/2nd wives, Senator Cools reviewed events surrounding Bill C-41and her struggles to get changes to that bill.

Included in the head table were Dan McTeague, Liberal MP for the Ontario Riding and Andrew Davies, Reform candidate for the Oshawa riding. As well two spokespersons on non-custodial issues, Greg Kershaw and Danny Guspie complimented the discussions. Henry Richter from "Freedom For Kids" spoke about his upcoming Human Rights appeal to the United Nations. Mr. Richter has approximately one hundred cases of Canadian children of divorce being abducted by their custodial parent.

Ms. Cools was presented with a plaque. It reads: "Presented to Senator Anne Cools thank you for all your efforts in sharing the truth. In grateful appreciation from Non-Custodial Parents of Durham and children of divorce across Canada".

Non-Custodial Parents of Durham meet on the first Sunday of every month, 7:00PM, in Oshawa. For more details contact Ted Greenfield, Communications Chairperson (416) 298-8190 ext. 364 or in the evenings at (905) 436-0711.


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