Fathers For Equality is an active association in support of equality concerning a fathers right to parent.

Meetings Format

Any person attending our meetings is hearby informed that we are not lawyers or profesional counsellors.Any advise or disscussion taking place is given on an Ad Hoc basis and is related only to our personal experiences.

By group consensus we have decided to carry out our meetings as follows:

1. We will have the position of the chairperson for each meeting rotate and be agreed upon by group consensus.

2. The chairperson will ensure the following:

a: Build an agenda from old business " action items" and new ideas from the attending members.

b: Appoint a person to record minutes of the business section of the meeting. That person will put the minutes in a folder and leave them in the center.

c: Ensure business is is addressed first at the meeting and lasts 15-20 minutes.

d: Ensure use of the talking stick is respected.

e: Ensure that people abide the principle of "owning what you say" and use " I feel " statements where possible.

f: Encourage a supporting, sharing and friendly conduct.

3. Ensure that the meeting ends at 9:30 unless there is a consensus to stay a little later.

4. All members will respect the confidentiality and emotions of others.

5. After the business portion of the meeting (15-20 miniutes) we usually share our personal experiences. In order to avoid repetition by regular members here are some suggested guidelines:

- talk about a specific point of concern to you that effects your immediate situation and seek other points of view
-talk about an incident that happened to you or you observed in the past week(or longer) that you need help with
- talk about something that you feel is important to fathers in general or should be addressed
- talk about what further goals ,actions or suggestions you feel the group should take in order to achieve its objectives
- allow new members to share there experiences.If the person is amiable then ask if you can ask questions,in order to clarify and aid the person.
- try to end the meeting with a symbol of group unity(ie: hold the talking stick together)

For a personal contact, call David Campbell, 386-0145


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