What we did last year.

The Men's Center Executive has continued to meet every second Tuesday, keeping the activities and goals of the center moving forward. Some of our accomplishments, since our building closed in December 1996 are as follows:

Phone line (370-4636, 370-4MEN) is still open and referrals to counsellors, to active men's groups, workshops and courses have numbered in the 100's. Calls and visits have exceeded 1000.

We have maintained the VMC and the support groups (Fathers For Equality, The Talking Circle and Fathers Rights Action Group) at the James Bay Community Project at a cost of $100/ month. With NO government funding!

We have purchased a Post Office Box (P.O. 8082, Victoria B.C., V8W 3R7)

We held an all candidates meeting concerning men's issues (100 attended, bigger than any other all candidates meeting). We attended every all candidates meeting in greater Victoria, as well as phoned in to the Cable 11 meeting. We attended the women's all candidate meeting, and made our points respectfully.

We have phoned and been guests on TV, radio (Cross Country Checkup, Almanac, local/regional) and given interviews to the press on all kinds of men's issues.

We have written letters to Statistics Canada pointing out bias.

We have supported two (Spring & Fall) protest rally's at the legislature.

We have aided two new groups forming in Naniamo and Penticton and other local projects put forth by counsellors.

We have written to the Justice Minister, the Prime Minister and other politicians concerning the new child tax laws, the Gove Inquiry, the Nova Scotia Law Reform Commission, supported Men's Studies programs in education.

We supported Bill Hnidan (BC Men's Resource Center) when he came to Victoria.

We have responded to Internet and E-mail on issues concerning men.

We have gotten signatures for the National Action Committee for Non-Custodial Parents (Ottawa) petition.

We have corrected misinformation on the closing of the centers' building.

We have helped 100's of men and indirectly women by providing alternatives.

Since our building closed in December of last year we undertook a search for a temporary site. We were successful in acquiring the use of 547 Michigan St. We also aided the new Fathers Action Group in acquiring a meeting place on Fort St. for their activities. With successful lobbying for permanent funding we hope to find a permanent home. Come and hear our current options.

We have clearly carried the load, !!!!!! WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW !!!!!!!! We have fewer active board members currently, so there is lots of room for concerned and dedicated men! We meet every second Tuesday for about two hours.


VMC, Box 8082, Victoria B.C. V8W 3R7 -- Phone: 370-4MEN (370-4636) --- E-Mail: vmc-e@victoria.tc.ca

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