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Victoria Men's Centre Society

- Former drop-in, meeting, and resource center for men of Victoria. Ongoing activities continue at various locations. Umbrella group for a wide scope of men's issues. Membership information in brochure.
Meeting Time and Location - Executive meetings every second Tuesday at 547 Michigan St.
Contact Person - VMC (370-4636) or H. Maser (380-0870)

Island Men's Network (IMN)

- Original Victoria Men's Organization, providing networking between men's groups, men's activities and ceremonies, and referrals to services on southern Vancouver Island. Non-formal network, with representatives of the various other organizations. Now based in the Victoria Men's Center.
Meeting Time and Location - On demand.
Contact Person - Jim Richardson (383-7664), Harvey Maser (380-0870).

Fathers For Equality (FFE)

- Provides support and information for fathers involved in separation and divorce proceedings, child custody and access, legal referrals, political lobbying and action. Informal and confidential support by peers.
Meeting Time and Location - Every Thursday evening, 7:30 p.m., 547 Michigan St. (back door).
Contact Person - VMC (370-4636) or David Campbell (386-0145)

IMN Talking Circle

- Drop-in men's circle, giving support and encouraging communication on your issues by being able to speak your own perspectives, and listen in a respectful and confidential manner. Very helpful for building self-esteem and encouraging exploration of new perspectives.
Meeting Time and Location - Every Monday evening, 7:30 p.m., 547 Michigan St. (back door).
Contact Person - VMC (370-4636) or Harvey Maser (380-0870)

Men's Counseling Referrals

- Individual or group counseling, tailored to your needs, on any issue such as anger, relationships, or childhood issues, facilitated by a trained and experienced counsellor. Fees apply, and can be negotiated.
Meeting Time and Location - On request.

Contact Person - VMC (370-4636) or Joe Sakari (479-3291)

Men's Legal Referrals

- Referral to Lawyers known to be comfortable with men's issues.
Meeting Time and Location - On request, initial consultation generally free.
Contact Person - VMC (370-4636)

Courses / Workshops

"Men's Group for Emotional Intelligence" - Description
- For men walking with baggage from childhood and dysfunctional families, often leading to relationship problems, low self-esteem, lack of boundaries, powerlessness.
Contact - Joe Sakari (479-3291)

"Challenging Your Anger and Rage" - Description - Workshops develop specific strategies for coping with anger and rage in the moment, especially with children. Learn healthy and constructive ways of utilizing the power and energy of anger and rage. Gain a clear understanding about jealousy, envy, hurt, fear, the abuse cycle and their relationship to anger and rage.
Contact Person - VMC (370-4636) or Eliot Lowey (389-1452)

"Sexuality and Aging Seminars for Men" - Description - Seminars bringing current information and a positive style to often taboo topics, such as prostate health, differences of partner sexual desire, and the impacts of illness, medication, or stress on men's sexuality. Counselor is trained by Masters and Johnson, and Dr. W. Pomeroy of the Kinsey Research Team, with private practice and teaching expertise throughout Canada.
Contact Person - VMC (370-4636) or Matthew Lipton M.H.S. (477-9500)

Interactive Therapy - Description - Relationship mediation, men's emotions, loss, and grieving, abuse issues.
Contact - Ian Brown (386-5505)

Men's Studies Course: A Historical Overview and Interactive Discussion for Men.
- To explore male roles and behavior since the Industrial Revolution, looking at changes in families and the fathers presence in the home. Men's Health issues including illness, drug abuse, criminality, anger and the process of healing and growth. To develop critical insight into media representation of men, using a variety of media. To explore positive examples of male relationships, pondering male response to difficult issues such as male rape in prison, to suicide in young men. Trust between men or the lack of it. Exploration of trust exercises to assist in community building. Closure of course with small celebration or field trip.
Meeting Time and Location - Beginning in near future.
Contact Person - Rod Keays (383-5826), or VMC (370-4636)

IMN Publication - Island Men
- Publication group, preparing and issuing the journal "Island Men", which contains articles and resource information pertaining to men, their issues, and their relationship to their families and community. Submit articles and other material on the issue topic to the Editor.
Contact Person - VMC (370-4636) or Brian Stocker(595-4535)
Meeting Time and Location - at JBCP, contact for information.


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