Photo Gallery

Mt. View Exteriors

Chris missed the school tour but I wasn't going to leave him off the hook for photographs. We discussed how the exteriors could be photographed and we decided on 35mm and Tri-X Pan, our film of choice in 1972.

So I understand, armed with his trusty Leica, Chris wandered around the outside grounds of the old school with Cathy and Emmett. Hard to believe your Dad went to this school, isn't it Emmett? The buildings and grounds have seen better days but I love the black and white tones. All the wear and tear is simply ... character. Kind of like us :-)

- David Lee


Flash from the Past


 Alex Boyte and Pam McCorkall 1974


 Cathy Maxwell and Mrs. Maxwell 1972


Cathy Maxwell 1972

 Liz Fullerton 1972



 Cathy Maxwell and Greg Baynton 1972

Past Reunions


 Chris Sihoe, David Lee and Craig Jones 1982


David Lee, Ted Finch-Field, Paul Paone, Sandy Vincent, Jim Turner 1992

Reunion 2002 Friday Night

Friday night at the Sandman Inn, Chris and I setup the lights for another set of grad photos. This year with the digital camera everyone had a chance to review their pictures right on the spot. No more closed eyes or guessing at lighting. I'm still working on the individual photos but here's a few group shots from that night. - David Lee


Sue Stephens, Denise Whitehead and Karen Jackson 2002


Lynnette Milton and Karen Morgan 2002


Maureen Sainsbury, Debbie Webb, Shirley Jorgenson, Pat Fairhurst, Cathy Southwell 2002

Greetings from French Guiana

Dear David,

Some exotic foreign content, a picture taken during our Baha'i pilgrimage to Israel in November 1998, Bart and his Brazilian wife, Lia, and their two daughters Leonora and Ruhiya, both born in French Guiana. You don't want anything more recent, the aging becomes too flagrant.

David, you aren't going to get anything more exotic than this. My wedding in St Laurent du Maroni in an orange grove surrounded by Amazon Rainforest in December 1985, 25 people present, 13 different nationalities and ethnic groups, including South American Galibi Indians, Saramacca Bush Negroes, Jamaican, Haitian, Dutch, French and English Canadian, French from France, Indonesian, Hispanic, Brazilian, Surinamese, American. The little girl standing in the front will be getting married on August 3 at age 18. We had a Dutch professional recorder player, and East Indian roti chapati for the picnic. - Bart Hoen