N. D.E. Society of Vancouver Island

Our Constitution is as follows: share experiences and support each other integrating the NDE into one's life; increase awareness and understanding of the life and death process; and overcome society's fear of death.

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What is a Near-Death Experience (N.D.E.)?
(reprinted from IANDS material)

No two NDEs are exactly alike, but there is a pattern to them. An NDE includes one or more of the following elements:

1. feeling the "self" has left the body;
2. sensation of moving through a dark space or tunnel;
3. encountering a radiant light;
4. feeling at one with the universe;
5. meeting others, possibly deceased family or friends;
6.experiencing a "life review" .... "seeing your life pass before you";
7. reaching a boundary .....cliff, water, some kind of barrier -- that may not be crossed if one is to return to life;
8. returning to the body.

Facts reprinted.....

Experiencers almost always find the experience peaceful and life changing.

All cultures hold a belief in NDEs.

All NDEers report an awareness of the importance of love.

A person who has an NDE probably has very mixed feelings about the experience.

After an NDE, the experiencer's values almost always change.

For some people, an NDE may be frightening or dark. Resources are available to help these people.

N.D.E. Near Death Experience Society of Vancouver Island Services

1. Monthly Meetings held in Victoria. Open meetings provide a friendly atmosphere to discuss various NDE topics, to view videos, to share voluntarily one's own NDE, to support each other, to participate in our committee activities, or simply socialize.
When: the third Thursday of Sept, Nov, Jan, Mar and May.
Where: a designated member's home.
Agenda: Discussion---special topic, video, voluntary sharing (60 minutes); Business (up to 30 minutes);

2.Information: Comprehensive introduction package, member's library, bibliography list, and contact lists.
3. Committees: Private sharing, outreach (education, pallative care, and research).
4.Affiliation with IANDS (FOI, Victoria): access to newsletters, contacts, network list, conferences and workshops of the International Association of Near Death Studies (IANDS).
5. Open Social Events: Potlucks, BBQs, Networking trips .....

If you would like to join our Society, membership is voluntary, our yearly individual fee is $15 Can or a family fee of $25 Canadian.

We can be contacted in the following ways:
Phone (250) 391-0700
Mailing address: 1040 Empress Avenue Victoria, B.C. Canada V8T 1P2

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