May 14, 1997

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In this issue:

Plastics to be recycled

If you try hard enough, you can recycle almost everything. So says Roger Smeeth, our local recycling expert. And Roger should know--he has a sign outside his residence that reads "No Garbage Pickup." It was an inspiration of Roger's that has led to the most recent application of the South Jubilee Neighbourhood Association for a Matching Grant from City Hall.

A pilot project

On a trial basis for the next year, South Jubilee residents will be given the opportunity to recycle plastic products of all kinds. "Plastics constitute approximately 17% of the tonnage of materials currently landfilled," says Smeeth, "and since plastic is light, its actual volume will be higher than that."

An new plant for processing all kinds of plastics will be opening in the next month in Central Saanich. The process is clean--it produces no noxious emissions--and the product is a kind of highly compressed "plastic lumber" suitable for such purposes as building.

One of the most impressive features of the new plant is that it will take all kinds of clean plastic, from "soft" to "hard" types--and you will not need to know whether the plastic is type 1 or type 2 or any other technical classification.

How the plan will work

On one Saturday per month, a local contractor will have a truck parked in a central location for two hours for residents to deliver their plastic waste. You will receive advance notice of the pickup hours.

This is a fine opportunity for our area to test the feasibility of recycling plastic in Victoria. Roger will be at our next meeting to discuss the details of the plan.

An important meeting

Our next meeting will be the Annual General Meeting of the Association. It will be a particularly important one, as we will be looking for a new President and Treasurer. See elsewhere in the issue for the letter from our current President explaining his reasons for being unable to continue.

Our treasurer of many years, Peter Ferris, is also unable to continue. Peter is now working in Nanaimo; for the time being he is commuting, but he may have to move, and in the meantime the Malahat takes up too much of his time to allow him to keep up in the Association. Councillor Jane Lunt, who represents our area on Council, will be in attendance at the meeting.

Annual General Meeting
Tuesday 19 May, 1998
Sundance School, Bank Street, 7:00p.m.

On the Agenda:

A letter from the President

Dear Neighbours

I am writing to tell you that I shall be unable to continue as President of the South Jubilee Neighbourhood Association after our next meeting. I shall be undertaking a major administrative job at my place of work, and will regrettably have insufficient time to carry on my duties as President.

This is not a case of "burn-out." I intend to remain active in the Association, and look forward to seeing you at our regular meetings. And I will respond to any queries neighbours may have until the new President's name is available for publication in our next Newsletter.

If any readers of this Newsletter are interested in keeping South Jubilee as the varied and attractive place it is at present, I ask you to come to the next meeting, and to volunteer as a member of our Board. We are in need of new faces to ensure that the Association continues to represent our residents vigorously in the face of continuing pressure for change.

I would like to thank the many neighbours who have made my tenure as President so pleasant, and who have worked so hard on the various interest groups we maintain: land use, traffic, and public safety.


Signed, Michael Best
Michael Best

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No Newsletter lately?

Never fear. If you have not received a Newsletter for a few months, it is because there hasn't been one. Things have been pretty quiet in the neighbourhood lately, and your Editor has been unusually busy. The next Newsletter is scheduled for the beginning of September, to remind you of the next Street Festival.

Remember that if you have items to contribute, or particular issues you feel need to be discussed at our meetings, you should contact the Editor (1520 Davie Street) or fax the Association's number: 598-7899.

Redfern Park heats up again

Residents adjacent to Redfern Park report that the unusually warm spring weather we have been enjoying has brought with it the usual crop of problems in the Park.

The topic will be on the agenda for our next meeting.

Bank Street School

Volunteers needed for our Street Festival

This year our Street Festival will be on 12 September--as usual, the first Saturday after Labour Day.

Each year we block off Leighton Road opposite Redfern Park and provide music, free food, an amazing raffle of prizes from local businesses, and activities where neighbours can socialize and celebrate the quality of the area we live in.

An event of this kind needs volunteers to make it work. If you are interested, please call Dorrie Murphy at 598-9533.

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Traffic plan approved

The Transportation Management Plan for South Jubilee has almost completed the process of approval. At this week's meeting of the Committee of the Whole, City Council approved the Plan. It will receive final discussion at Council this week.

The Plan is the result of extensive consultation with residents of the area. Two members of our Association represented our interests in the planning process, Roger Smeeth and Pat Jones.

The approved plan allows for several improvements in safety for neighbourhood streets. There will be a number of ways in which shortcutting traffic will be discouraged through the use of speed humps and road narrowings at the entrance to the neighbourhood. And we are assured that we will get a four-way stop at Bank and Leighton.

Some of the changes will take place this year, within the current very modest budget of $37,000. Others will, as usual, await the availability of money.

Now that the plan has been approved, the Association will need to undertake a plan for steady lobbying so that the plan will be more than just another piece of paper.

Chevron rezoning to go to public hearing

At a recent meeting of the Committee of the Whole, City Council agreed to set a date for a public hearing into Chevronıs application to zone their property on Oak Bay Avenue to allow a new gas station to be built there.

The hearing is scheduled for the Council meeting on May 28. Residents are invited to attend, and to express their views on the proposed development.

When the previous service station was demolished, the zoning reverted to the normal category for Oak Bay Avenue, one that permits a combination of one storey commerical and two storeys residential‹but no gas stations.

Chevron has spent some time and effort designing a gas station that they believe will fit into the neighbourhood. At a meeting last year, our Association recognized the value of the design, but voted not to support the application for rezoning, in view of our neighbourhood Vision, and the aim of the Oak Bay Avenue Plan to combine residential and commerical uses.

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