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May 1999

In this issue ...

Association Reorganization

When our Association was incorporated as a non-profit society, on April 2, 1989, we adopted to have the usual slate of officers - President, Secretary, Treasurer, etc. As so often happens the burden of responsibility fell on the leader to make sure everything happened as it should. Although everything did get done through very willing help of volunteers, finding that help was sometimes a rather ad hoc process.

Through the establishment of the Block Rep Network, we began to broaden the base of involvement. We have also determined this spring that the Board will now consist of the Block Reps plus interested Members at Large, all serving as Directors in equal capacity, sharing the various duties as we can, and with no specific officers. The Chair will rotate. Liz Hoar has agreed to act as Neighbourhood Co-ordinator.

Directors' meetings will be regular, 8 per year, usually in homes but could be at the school if more residents are interested. We feel that the more involvement we have, the stronger our Association will be.

Roger Smeeth
Retiring Acting President

Annual General Meeting

7:00 - 8:30p.m. Monday, May 10th

Sundance School (upstairs)



The following residents have agreed to stand for election as Directors of the SJNA. Nominations for other Directors will be accepted at the AGM.

Please note that we are still looking for a Block Rep for the North half of Amphion. Welcome to Erica Willems - 592-1591 as the new Block Rep for the south half of Bank Street.

Bon Voyage, Michael

Michael Best, our favourite neighbourhood leader, will be on an exchange teaching junket in Australia from June to December. We wish him safe travel and good times.

Next Plastic Recycling Date May 8

A great success -- an average of 70 households have been bringing their plastic on the second Saturday of each month. But we are sorry to say that still, NO SOFT PLASTIC (plastic bags, foam meat trays, cling wrap, etc.) UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Please be patient -- we have no control over the Syntal plants operation. Plastic bags only could go to Thrifty's. Our collection process will continue for the next year.

Next collection -- May 8th at the corner of Bank Street and Leighton from 10 AM to noon.

South Jubilee Website

The South Jubilee Neighbourhood is one of five associations in the City of Victoria that has a presence on the Internet. It can deliver news in a more cost-effective and timely manner than the old faithful newsletter, and it can be used to house historical information.

From its modest beginnings, the website has expanded to include information of interest to all residents of the neighbourhood:
1. the Vision for the neighbourhood, adopted in 1992;
2. the South Jubilee News (including back issues);
3. a feature article on recycling;
4. a resources page containing links to a wide range of organizations from the provincial government to the public library; and
5. the neighbourhood business directory.

As you can see, it's still rather modest. But the website has the potential to become much more.

One suggestion has been to develop a "neighbourhood journal." I envision this as being a frequently updated list of things going on in and around the South Jubilee area. This could include events that concern the city, the region, or indeed the province. There might be a conference, or public meetings on a planning issue, or an all-candidates meeting in the upcoming civic election. Such a journal might also be a vehicle for a record of what has happened recently, and contain both fact and opinion.

We are also open to other feature articles. While we need to be selective in what appears, the potential range of topics is virtually limitless. How about a list of inexpensive places to go and things to do with kids? Or resources in the city for seniors? Or water conservation tips? These limited ideas spring partially formed from my own head. I'd like to believe that the residents of the neighbourhood could come up with a great many more, and help guide the direction of the site's content.

Visit our website, and attend the Annual General Meeting on May 10. The website is on the agenda for the meeting. I look forward to hearing your views.

Martin Monkman --

Street Fest Preparations

This year's Street Fest promises to be bigger than ever with two bands. A preliminary organization meeting will be convened by Dorrie Murphy at 1615 Redfern on Monday, July 12th at 7:30p.m. Block Reps and other residents are invited to bring your ideas and energy.

Lantern Making Workshops

Learn to make tissue and bamboo lanterns for our celebrations. Dates for workshops are May 15th, 1:00 - 3:30 at the City Hall Cafeteria or June 12th, 1:00 - 3:30 at Silver Threads. $7.50 for Adults, $3.50 for kids. Pre-register with Gail Price-Douglas at 361-0358. See Dorrie Murphy's video at the AGM.

Hospital Parking

After some confusion between the City and the Hospital, it seems things have settled down for this first phase of construction. The City prevailed in allowing no non-residential all day parking in the two Jubilee neighbourhoods. If you have any problems, phone City Transportation at 361-0300.

Matching Grant Proposal

This year we will be proposing a partnership between Sundance School and the Victoria College of Art to develop a student-produced mural on Sundance School.

Contributions welcome

If you have any articles or news items to contribute to the next newsletter,
contact Liz Hoar
phone: 595-2685
fax: 595-4148

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