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 The Saanich CAP Terminals provide the public with full service Internet access. They are set-up to allow accessability for people who do not have a personal computer in their home. There are four Saanich terminal locations that allow access to all the functions of the Victoria Telecommunity Network (VTN) server as well as to the rest of the Internet. Each terminal provides services that include Cybercamps, for anyone that needs Internet training. They also have rules and policies that should be looked over. For more details on these topics follow the links above.

 One of the unique aspects of the Saanich CAP terminals, is that once you have a registered account on the VTN server you may: send e-mail, set-up a personal portal page and have access to the VTN menu to read the latest Usenet news and town events. Selecting one of the links below, enables you to start exploring. Note: you must have a registered account.

Page Last Updated: 03/14/02