*** About Seniors SIG ***

	The Special Interest Group this SIG was designed for is Seniors; 
those 55 years of age and older.

	This SIG is a great place to educate, share and discuss issues of 
concern to Seniors.  It can act as a source of reference and a place to 
meet and make new friends.

	One can learn about Seniors on Line across Canada by going to 
Canadian Seniors Net area.  If you like to travel and wish to do so at a 
reasonable cost, check out the Exchange program on the menu.
	Perhaps you would like to visit Health Canada or go shopping at 
the Mall?  If so, just go to that area on the menu.

	If you would like to know more about GRANDPARENTS' RIGHTS, see 
that area on this menu.  Wish to participate with other grandparents?  
Join the Grandparents Rights Discussion group.

	For general discussion on any topic you choose, an area is also 
provided for this.

	As this is your SIG, please let me know what you would like to 
see here by e-mailing me at 

I look forward to hearing from you.