*** PC  C.O.P.S.  ***

What does PC C.O.P.S. stand for?

PC C.O.P.S. (Personal Computer Community Organizational Prevention 
System) is a message system capable of placing up to 400 phone messages 
per hour by computer to business merchants or to residential homes in 
order to assist Crime Prevention Programs.  Messages received are 
pre-recorded directly related to your personal concerns.  Messages may 
consist of a voice or a Colwood RCMP Crime Prevention fax bulletin.

The PC C.O.P.S. is programmed to make calls between 9:00am and 9:00pm but 
can be utilized outside these hours during emergencies.

This system allows all residential participants the advantage of being 
notified in the case of Break Ins, Suspicious Person(s), Missing Persons 
such as the elederly and young children, etc.

It allows business merchants the advantage of being notified immediately 
when person(s) are operating in their area in Credit Card/Cheque Frauds, 
Robberies, Shoplifting, Counterfeiting, Break Ins, or Vandalism.

Individual residential participants and business merchants can contact 
the Colwood RCMP so that information they have can be forwarded to all 
others concerned in their area.

How to join PC C.O.P.S?

Obtain a form from the Colwood RCMP, 2785 Millstream Rd.  Simply fill out 
the form which authorizes the Colwood RCMP to contact you by way of 
recorded telephone or fax message.  Then mail the form to the above 
address or fax a copy to RCMP 474-8790.