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"The power of the poor is in their numbers. If they discover this and use those numbers in a concerted effort to influence government they could change the rules about poverty. They could force governments to make laws that help them rather than hurt them"
--W. Robert Arnold, President, Voters for Economic and Social Justice


The purpose of VESJ is to unite low-income people and our allies for the purpose of creating a powerful voice and a powerful voting block. In this way we will be able to exercise the power our numbers give us.

We will use this power to defend and enhance our rights. By forming a voting block we can pressure government into passing laws and making policies that will really help low-income people.


Our spending power has gone down because of inadequate raises and actual cutbacks in our incomes. Inflation and rising incomes in the middle and upper levels of society have further contributed to our decreasing spending power.

The price of everything goes up while our incomes stay the same or go down. This is not fair.

Neither of the goverments, federal or provincial, has done much for low-income people in the last twenty years. They have given tax breaks to the rich, allowed profitable corporations to pay little or no taxes, and have given outright grants to business.

It is these tax breaks, tax deferments, grants and high interest rates that are largely responsible for government debt and deficit, NOT social spending.


Now governments are preparing to solve their money problems by taking money away from low-income people. This is unfair and we do not have to put up with it!


Twenty percent of the population of BC lives below the Statistics Canada poverty line. That amounts to over 500 000 people. That means a lot of votes. The media, however, never mentions the poor without saying that we are powerless. Well, we are not!

We are powerful! Because of our numbers we can dictate who will form the next government and what they will do for us.

Who Are The Poor?

The Poverty Line

In a report issued by the National Council of Welfare, the poverty line was set at the following levels:

If You Are Poor

If you are poor or care about those who are, join us and be part of a strong voice. Be part of the solution. Only individuals can join.
Membership is $2.00 per year.
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