The Vancouver Island Dog Guide Society, established in 1994, is actively involved in public awareness and education to ensure that the rights of persons who use dog guides is supported.

In addition, the Vancouver Island Dog Guide Society provides its members with support from the pre- dog guide stage to the post- retirement stage. This support includes:

Pre-Dog Guide Stage

Working Dog Guide Stage

Post-retirement Dog Guide Stage

Members of the Vancouver Island Dog Guide Society are actively involved in public speaking at schools, shopping malls, service clubs, universities and other organizations as requested, and are actively sought out as speakers at Conventions, Conferences and Seminars.

Come join us on the sixteenth and seventeenth of October at Mayfair Mall!

In 1995 the Vancouver Island Dog Guide Society sponsored the first ever Dog Guide Awareness Conference. Over 100 people, from across North America were in attendance. Another Conference is planned for the Spring of 2000.

The City of Victoria, in partnership with the Vancouver Island Dog Guide Society recognizes the third week of April as "Dog Guide Awareness Week".


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