Victoria Nautical Song Circle

What: Victoria Nautical Song Circle - Victoria, BC, Canada

When: 2nd & 4th Saturday evenings of the month, 7:30 p.m.

Where: Kerry Partiarche cheerily hosts the VNSC

Please drop a line or call for song circle location. News is also posted in the Victoria Folk Music Society newsletter, available at a link, bottom-right at the VFMS website.

How:  Keep up with the scuttlebutt. Call that number, check this web site, get on our e-mail list

or subscribe to the Island Folk e-mail discussion list and get lots of good folk music info from around Vancouver Island and neighbouring islands into the bargin.


Formerly upstairs at The Bent Mast Restaurant, 512 Simcoe St. in James Bay. Please do not look for us there!

At the of end of October 2009 we lost access to the Bent Mast for both VNSC and VSC, as did the Tuesday evening Celtic music session. The VNSC had been hosted there for 11 years, the Session for 14

The Victoria Song Circle, a related, non-themed public song circle, started the winter of 2004 and ran until our venue loss, then sporadically in member's homes for a few years.

Jerry Seto of The Bent Mast so graciously allowed us the use of the upstairs room from the start, the last Friday of November 1998. It was a lovely mix of semi-private, semi-public, and accessible by minors. Folks could check it out, "commit" to sitting in if it looked friendly or just happen upon it.

Sadly, Jerry crossed the bar on 30 December 2010. Cheers mate, here's hopping the seas are calm and there's enough fair wind.

Victoria Nautical Song Circle
Updated 2012/10/29