The Palms of Victoria

The "Windmill" or "Chusan" palm, Trachycarpus fortunei, is becoming quite common in Victoria. So far, it is the one palm tree that has been reliably hardy for us. There are now quite a number of fairly large specimens around the community. It is one more evidence that Victoria and some other areas of coastal British Columbia escape much of the rigors of a Canadian winter.

There is a palm outside the main entrance to the Victoria City Hall. The statue is of Sir John A. MacDonald, Canada's first Prime Minister who, for a time, was the Member of Parliament for Victoria.

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Not to be outdone, the District of Saanich also has palms planted on the grounds of its municipal offices.

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Two views of the palm plantings in front of the Bird of Paradise pub on Glanford Road.

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Some views of the "grove" of palms in front of a house at 428 Kipling in Victoria's Fairfield district:

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Three views of another Fairfield palm at 425 Kipling:
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Trachycarpus fortunei palms are quite happy in our climate. So much so that they have been known to naturalize by sprouting from fallen seed. They certainly do produce copious amounts of fruit, as can be seen in the view of seeds in the "grove" above and by these pictures of fruit on a plant on McKenzie Ave:

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Some specimen palms planted at private homes:
Left to right
3636 Cedar Hill Road
Cherrilee Crescent
Hobbs Street
1072 Marigold Road
1073 Marigold Road
3220 Beach Drive

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