Not to be confused with Stan Lee's reprint book

This is a fun, often tongue in cheek look at female superheroes throughout the ages. Though taken from a feminist perspective, it doesn't go out of its way to label all portrayals anti-female (for example Robbins notes that Billy Batson wound up in bondage far more than Wonder Woman evver did).

Lots of rich info on various female characters. Even after reading numerous character reference books I learned a great deal about a number of female heroines and saw how they often enhance the superhero mythos in ways that male heroes can't or won't.

The book is not without its faults (I disagree with Robbins' belief that most people hit by Dagger's light were killed and there is some inaccuracy involving deaths and home Earths). However overall it's an enjoyable read.

It does attack a lot of more recent portrayals (understandable given the given percentage of male readers to female readers) but it also points out superheroine titles of the modern day that Robbins feels are being done right. Back to Book Reviews Pages