Changes to Main Home Page

In reverse chronological order:

OCT 19/00:
Added fanfic (removed AUG 1/01 due to lack of time to work on it)

MAR 5/99:
Book Reviews Site Added

FEB 26/99:
The stupid counter that doesn't work and left a "Not Authorized" message removed and good riddance

FEB 25/98:
Location of files moved to new address

DEC 27/98:
Marvel link description updated

NOV 28:
*DC Page Added
*Cosmetic Changes (three instead of two wings, break before Last Updated, Marvel site renamed)

AUG 19:
*Canada Wing Moved to Separate Link
*Marvel Wings Added

AUG 13:
*Moved Links to a separate section
*See also Links changes

AUG 12:
*Added link to Changes file and Last Update info
*Announced the Grand Opening of this document
*Made final modifications and added counter