Title: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN#278 by Tom DeFalco (writer) and Ron Frenz (artist)
Synopsis: A psychiatrist who is new visits the Fly's cell, only to learn the Fly had just escaped. Later, Fly finishes eating some garbage and starts to fly off. A garbage man with a strong resemblance to the psychiatrist shoots the Fly and declares, "Justice is Served!"
Is this a key part of the overall Scourge story? No
Does This tie into the main story in this issue? No. The main story dealt with Spider-Man battling the Hobgoblin.
Comments: the garbage bit is a nod to the Fly's previous appearance, a humor story drawn by Fred Hembeck in Spectacular Spider-Man where the Fly gains a taste for the finer cuisance of trash.
Most likely the Fly's eyes could have picked up Scourge, but his mind was probably on other matters.