Title: CAPTAIN AMERICA#318 BY Mark Grunwald (writer) and Paul Neary (artist)
Synopsis: Blue Streak, who now has a new and improved costume, visits Greg Gilbert, the former Firebrand, who is a bit afraid of the menace Scourge poses and plans to organize villains to deal with the threat. This all happens at the Bar With No Name, a criminal hideout. The bartender, Jake, is Greg's right hand man. Blue Streak agrees to attend a meeting there, but before that can happen gets into a fight with Captain America. He escapes and hitches a ride with a trucker. He mentions to the trucker than he must be wondering why a hitchhiker is wearing such a fancy get-up. The trucker replies, "Not at all. PUM-SPAK! Justice is served, Blue Streak!"
Is this a key part of the overall Scourge storyline? Definitely. We learrn that the criminal element is finally starting to organize again the threat. Also, Captain America himself is starting to search for Scourge, undoubtedly due to his previous encounter.
Is this part of the main story? Yes. In this case the main story is about two things: the hunt for Scourge, and Captain America's clash with Blue Streak, the outcome of the latter tying into the former.
Comments: Death Adder also dies in this story at Scourge's hand. See the last post.
Oddly, Blue Streak's new high tech gear appears just in time for Scourge to him in it. Kind of a waste really.
As with Titania, Blue Streak's death is not directly shown though through the dialogue is confirmed. Marvel Universe Deluxe#16 shows his death for the first time. He was shot in the head rather than through the chest like most hits, probably due to where both were sitting in the truck.