Title: DEADLY FOES OF SPIDER-MAN#1-4 by Danny Fingeroth (writer) and Al Milgrom(art)
Synopsis: The Shocker has recurring nightmares about Scourge and is obviously extremely scared about being hit by him. Taking advantage of the Shocker's fears the Kingpin send a Scourge imposter to kill the Shocker but the Shocker survives. There is also a more minor Scourge subplot discussed below.
Is it a key part of the overall Scourge storyline? Yes and no. No Scourge actually appears in this story, but we dio get to see the effect Scourge has on other villains
Does it tie into the main story in these issues? Not too much. It's an interesting character bit whoich enhances the overall story, but doesn't really impact on what the other villains are doing. It almost makes some nice contrast with the Ringer's wife, who becomes a villain in tribute to her husband who was apparently killed by Scourge.
Comments: None

Title: LETHAL FOES OF SPIDER-MAN#1-4 Danny Fingeroth (writer) and ____ (artist)
Beyond discussing how the Ringer survived (with a flashback to the massacre site), no real Scourge material. See my review of the massacre in Captain America#319 for a look at the implications of this.