Title:CAPTAIN AMERICA #358-364 (backup tale) Mark Gruenwald (writer) ____ (artist)
Synopsis: Scourge II eliminates some of the Power Broker's servants and invades his mansion. Power Broker, who is negotiating with Vagabond about getting powers, witnesses this from a viewscreen. To save himself he uses his power machine on himself, resulting in him turning into a most immobile mawss of muscle. This does, however make him impervious to Scourge's bullets. USAgent intervenes and captures Scourge. Scourge is then killed by a fourth Scourge, whom US Agent is unable to find.
Is it a key part of the overall Scourge storyline? In the sense that Scourge II dies in this story and yet another Scourge is introduced (though not actually seen)
Is is a part of the main backup story in these issues? The entire backup story revolves around Scourge
Comments: Vagabond's presence would have further implications in the US Agent series.
There's a definite contrast between #364 and #320. When Scourge I is fatally wounded, Captain America stays with him and tries to save him until he dies. When Scourge II is fatally wounded, US Agent abandons him and goes after the assailant.