RUN: Four issues 1985
OUTLINE: A fraudulent diary created by Batman accusing the JSA of being Nazis lead to a hearing where the team has to explain to the committee what really happened in their adventures
STANDOUT/DUD ISSUES: None, though the single best scene is when the police try to arrest the Spectre
OVERALL: Given that the series is basically an excuse to recount every issue of the original run of All Star Comics, the story works surprisingly well. What doesn't hurt is the fact that the stories aren't simply being catalogued. We're also seeing the JSA's perspective on their adventures. Wisely, instead of putting in an asterix every second panel, Thomas annotates each issue in the inside front and back cover.
It also does something which is even more refeshing by today's standards. Instead of retconning negative acts by a hero into being mind control, it retcons negative acts by a hero (Bruce Wayne) caused by mind control into actually being, in part, caused by Bruce himself due to circumstances he was going through at the time
CONTINUITY NOTES: Consider this one of the great stories of Hypertime now, because it cannot possibly take place in the current DCU Earth.