RUN 24 issues 1986-88
KEY CREATORS: Len Wein (writer)  Paris Cullins (artist)
OUTLINE: Wealthy Ted Kord fights crime in Hub City after a few years' absence
STANDOUT ISSUES:None really spring to mind
DUD ISSUES: The team-up with the Titans against the Hybrid
OVERALL: While the series is harmless enough, and while it's interesting to see the Blue Beetle before he got turned into an idiot in Justice League, it doesn't really grab you beyond the mystery of what really happened to Ted's predecessor Dan Garrett, as finally revealed in the final storyline (by which point I'd bailed).  Nothing really bad about the series, but nothing to recommend it either.
RECOMMENDED OR NOT? No, though you could do worse
CONTINUITY NOTES: Dr. Alchemy's tendency to get out of deaths like the one seen here is finally explained in Messner-Loebs' stint on Flash