RUN: 25 issues (1986-88)
OUTLINE: Booster Gold fights crime but takes advantage of his crimefighting to make a fast buck.
KEY CREATOR: Dan Jurgens (writer/artist)
STANDOUT ISSUE: I liked the Rainbow Raider issue, which was the most interesting use of the villain I've seen.  The Superman issue was also good
DUD ISSUE: The final issue, which as a Millenium tie-in abruptly turns one character into a Manhunter agent in such a way that feels grafted on rather than a logical surprise.
OVERALL:  There's good news and bad news.  The bad news is that the title isn't entirely consistent with its tone, sometimes feeling more whimsical,  other times feeling more serious.  The good news is that even so this title is probably Jurgens' best work to date, with characters that feel more flesh and blood than in his stories focussing on people he didn't
RECOMMENDED OR NOT? Marginally recommended.  Jurgens simply isn't a great writer, but he does convincingly give us a money-grubbing hero with some morals and a good supporting cast.
CONTINUITY NOTES: It's unclear to what extent if at all changes to the Legion history (Booster wore a Legion flight ring) have affected his past (since travel to the "old" future seems possible in some stories, eg Time and Time Again) or to what extent any new time travel laws have affected things.