RUN: 20 issues 1982-83
KEY CREATORS: Roy Thomas (writer), Scott Shaw! (artist)
OVERVIEW: On Earth-C, a funny animals Earth, the main heroes are the Zoo Crew
STANDOUT ISSUE: I enjoyed the Cannonball run parody more than the actual films
DUD ISSUE: None  really
OVERALL: As a concept this is great. There is an undeniable charm to super-powered funny animals. It was also great to see Funny Animals of yesteryear revived. The members also have distinct likable personalities. And the series is in many ways eye candy due to Scott Shaw!'s art Unfortunately it's not all that funny. Oh, it's not offensive, just lacking. This is the sort of series that you really want to like, but really doesn't deliver the goods. Harmless, but nothing to really grab the reader in terms of humour or adventure. The team-up with the Justa Lotta Animals (who were originally planned to be be the series' stars, not the Zoo Crew) is nice but the latter team doesn't really have anything to recommend it beyond trivia notes. Overall the experience of reading the series is comparable to eating  popcorn with no butter, salt or other flavouring. Not an unpleasant experience but not desirable either
RECOMMENDED OR NOT?: Not recommended, but not hated either
CONTINUITY NOTES: Captain Carrot briefly appeared in Kingdom#2. According to the Atlas of the DC Universe, CC&HAZC is also a TV show on the current DCU Earth. The Daily Planet supplement to Invasion! depicted CC as a comic strip. Captain Carrot is slated to return in the upcoming World's Funniest special written by Evan Dorkin and drawn by returning artist Scott Shaw!