RUN: 3 issues 1982
KEY CREATORS: Bill Mantlo (writer), ?? (artist)
OUTLINE: Grandmaster and a mysterious opponent force heroes to compete with one another in a game
STANDOUT/DUD ISSUE: None stand out
OVERALL: The best thing about the series is that it introduced a large number of international heroes, thus expanding the Marvel Universe. That and the hero info on the text pages, which was a forerunner of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe. We also learn a number of interesting things about the players: Wolverine is willing to kill fellow hero Black Panther in order to win the game for his side, and none of the Earth's heroes nor the cosmic beings in this game can do basic math, since the final score should not have allowed the side that won its victory, even though it did. I remember as a kid recounting a few times to be sure and still coming to that conclusion.
RECOMMENDED OR NOT? While of some historical note as being the first multi-hero gathering mini-series, I rate stories according to quality, not history. So not recommended.
CONTINUITY NOTES: Aside from the first Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, it was years before characters debuting here started to appear elsewhere