PUBLISHER: Independent (Eclipse)
RUN: All Star Index 1 issue 1987; Millenium Index 2 issues 1988;
 Official...Index: Crisis on Infinite Earths 1 issue 1986; Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover 1 issue 1986; Hawkman 2 issues 1986; Justice League of America 1986-87; Legion of Super-Heroes 1986-87; Teen Titans 1985-86
KEY CREATORS: Murray Ward (writer of most titles)
OUTLINE: Various DC titles indexed with chronology listings and synopsis
STANDOUT ISSUE: Crisis makes a nice summary of the series, while Millenium discusses each story in  proper order
DUD ISSUES: Weakest were All Star which got canceled after #1, so most of the issue described the JSA, then only 5 issues (DC Special 29 and All Star 1-4) get indexed, of which ASC 1-2 are not directly JSA related; Crisis Crossover foregoes full indexing of titles
EVALUATION: While not as good as the Marvel indices (except the 1970s Marvel indices), the series does give some useful info and recaps all related stories to the title. Unfortunately in JLA characters that usually have their own title (e.g. Superman) are not fully indexed in terms of their chronology. Still as a whole the series is a useful reference and it's hard to hate a series that (in Titans) gives complete info on Marvel and DC Present#1 and drug awareness giveaways, as well as synopsing the entire original run of Justice League of America
CONTINUITY NOTES: Not surprisingly, a lot of the continuity notes only apply to Pre-Crisis (though there is also some post-Crisis analysis)