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DOOM PATROL Vol. 2 (Kupperberg era)
 As with Green Lantern, I prefer to look at this run on its own merits. Anyone looking for a discussion of Morrison's work won't find it in this review so if I ever read more of his run I might review that later
RUN COVERED: 18 issues 1987-89
KEY CREATORS: Paul Kupperberg (writer)  Steve Lightle & Erik Larsen (artists)
OUTLINE Celsius rebands the Doom Patrol after a new villain with ties to their past surfaces; the team decides to remain together and recruits newcomers
STANDOUT/DUD ISSUES: None particularly stand out
OVERALL: Despite a bit more direction, the first few initials gave me a comparable reaction to the Blue Beetle series: not good, not bad.  The flaws of reviving two dead members of the original team (yes, their "deaths" left the door open for a return intentionally, but over the years their deaths had taken on a cult status so reviving them was a mistake) are compensation somewhat by delving into some of the team's mysteries, notably the question of whether Celsius really was the Chief's wife as she claimed. Though I can't remember the name of the artist, the artwork was excellent as well
 However, along came Larsen and that was all she wrote for me.  While the interaction between Lodestone and Scott was cute and Karma joining the team right after (unbeknownst to the team) killing a cop added some
tension, looking at Larsen's art was somewhat less pleasant than looking at a carcass on the road that's been run over a few times (to be fair he's gotten better since). Had the writing really been grabbing me, I might
have grudgingly stuck with it even so, but as it stands the artwork pushed the title right off my buying list
RECOMMENDED ON NOT: No, though if you must sample, try the pre-Larsen stuff
CONTINUITY NOTES:No comment to add really