THE RUN (focussing on Kyle) GL#51-Present 1994-Present (Kyle appears as early as 48 but isn't the feature
character until 51)
KEY CREATORS: Ron Marz (writer) Darryl Banks (artist)
OUTLINE: Kyle Rayner, unexpectedly given a power ring, attempts to live up to the legend of Green Lantern
STANDOUT ISSUES: The closest one I can think of was the death of Major Force issue, which defined Kyle's attitudes on killing in an interesting manner: he won't kill someone himself, but if he thinks someone deserves to die, he won't stop another hero from killing them.
DUD ISSUE: There was one issue where Donna Troy appeared throughout. At one point she tells Kyle he was the only person she could turn to to talk to (I can name about a dozen other people she could have turned to at any time, that she knew far better than she did Kyle) and throughout most of the rest of the issue basically hang back and lets Kyle do his thing.
OVERALL: I'm not even going to touch Emerald Twilight here, wanting to give Kyle's issues a fair shake on their own. On this level, well, they really don't do anything for me. I'm not saying that I consider all the issues I read terribly written, but a bit on the boring side. Tellingly, I bailed from the title after part 1 of a two part team-up with Wally. I simply wasn't curious enough to read part two (a friend lent me #81; while well received by others I found it merely okay). Although I don't care for Kyle's uniform, Banks' art is decent throughout. Kyle's characterization was serviceable enough to cause me to give the book around a year or so's chance, but I never really came to care too deeply for him. The weakest issues are when the the series had to tie into Titans books.
RECOMMENDED OR NOT? Not recommended, but the reason (for me) is mainly due to my considering this series fluff (even more so than most superhero titles), and not fluff that really makes me want to read it.
CONTINUITY NOTES: Apparently there was some confusion regarding the fate of his mother but that was cleared up in the title itself