RUN: 6+28 issues plus two annuals 1988-89, 1989-91
KEY CREATORS: Barbara & Karl Kesel (writers); Rob Liefeld (with uncredited assist from Karl Kesel) (mini-series art) Greg Gular (with Curt Swan on half of #28) (ongoing series art)
OUTLINE: Hawk, now partnered with a female Dove fights crime with hawk acting as an agent of Chaos amd Dove as an agent of Order
STANDOUT ISSUES: #1 of the mini, with Hawk trying to maintain some minimal amount of stability with no Dove; and #28 of the ongoing, with a great scene drawn by Swan where Hank (Hawk) Hall's girlfriend Ren proposes to him.
DUD ISSUE: Probably the beginning chapter of the Hawk on the run storyline (#26 IIRC) and #27
OVERALL: The mini-series, which has the mystery of who is Hawk and introduces Kestrel is the series' highlight. The characterization is strongest herein as well. After that the series meanders for the most part. It's well intentioned and still has okay characterization, but doesn't really do a whole lot for me. Still, Hank, Dawn, Ren, Sal, et al remain some of my favorite characters.
RECOMMENDED OR NOT?: The mini definitely. The ongoing series: slight leaning towards not recommended, but not by much. Probably not worth paying full cover price for, but it it happens to be in the bargain bin, it'll give you an okay read.
CONTINUITY NOTES: This is more of a trivia point, but this is the first DC ongoing to regularly feature a couple named Donna & Kyle, well before Kyle Rayner began dating Donna Troy in Green Lantern