RUN: New Gods 19 issues 1971-1972, New Gods v2 1 issue #6 1984 (other issues are reprints), Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen 16 issues #133-148 1970-72, Forever People 11 issues 1971-72, Mister Miracle 25 issues 1971-74, DC Graphic Novel 1 issue #5 1985?
KEY CREATORS: During the era in question, Jack Kirby (writer/artist)
OUTLINE: With the old (apparently Norse) gods gone, the heroic gods of New Genesis wage war against Darkseid and his troops of Apokolips.
STANDOUT/DUD ISSUES: None spring to mind, though I haven't read nearly every issue
OVERALL: The mythological feel is definitely nice, and from what I've seen, Kirby had a definite master plan covering New Gods, Forever People, Mister Miracle, and Jimmy Olsen There are plenty of imaginative ideas and some truly oddball characters, such as Don Rickles' benevolent twin Goody Rickles. However, the art style is highly exaggerated. To some this probably adds to the appeal. Over time I've gained a certain affection for the style but still overall consider it a bit unpleasant to look at. The other problem with the art is the often huge sizes of the panels, making the issues a quicker read than many from that area. Unfortunately I suspect that  the large sized panels have been an inpiration for many artists of recent times who didn't have at least the benefit of a large scale Kirby plot. And then there's the dialogue. Unfortunately the scripting is weak and Kirby's dialogue actually takes away from rather than adds to his imaginative plot. Finally, some of his ideas themselves (Project Cadmus, Deep Six) never really did much for me.
RECOMMENDED OR NOT? I realize that the series is one of the all time great fan favorites and there is definitely some imagination at work here. But truthfully, for people whose tastes are similar to myself, I can't recommend the series, much as I respect what Kirby was trying to accomplish.
CONTINUITY NOTES: I know Kirby only considered his work and Evanier's later work to be canonical (this according to a Comics Scene v2 article) (I can't remember enough of other people's work to judge). I suspect most of Kirby's own work (beyond Jimmy Olsen which was a casualty of Crisis) is canonical but I'm not sure what current policy is towards later writers and artists (beyond the JLA/JSA/NG x-over being apparently canonical).  Kirby himself placed those issues on Earth-17.