RUN: 2 issues 1995
 KEY CREATORS: Peter David (writer) Ariel Olivetti (artist)
 OUTLINE: In the future, a plot by Ultron leads to the team's final adventure
 STANDOUT/DUD ISSUES: None really, since there was only two issues
 OVERALL: I got this book by way of inter-library loan and boy am I ever glad I didn't pay any money for this book.  It's not that there isn't any good moments.  Pym and Ultron have some good moments and we get some
interesting characters bits here and there, including a taste of what Wanda's twins might have been like had they not been retconned away. However, a lot of the deaths in the story seem more like wholesale slaughter than serving any dramatic purpose, and things are a bit confusing at points.  Which brings me to the biggest problems with the story.  The art is really bad.  Oh, the members look somewhat like human beings, but not recognizably Avengers.  In fact I'll go so far as to say that if Olivetti has ever seen the Avengers ever, be it in their own title or guest starring elsewhere, it's not evident here.  The art looks more like someone described the Avengers to Olivetti through word of mouth (I'll be fair and say he gets some characters like Dr Pym more right than others but even given that this is supposed to be the future, most of the other characters are still off). If that wasn't enough, the colours seemed picked to enhance the most confusing aspects of the artwork.  This
 RECOMMENDED OR NOT? If you find this in the 50c bin, pass it by. The art destroys whatever appeal the writing might have.
 CONTINUITY NOTES: As noted above, Byrne's run on West Coast Avengers
pretty much puts an end to this future by eliminating the twins save
perhaps as a What If? world.