THE RUN: 6 issues 1987
 KEY CREATORS: _____& John Ostrander (writers) John Byrne (art)
 OUTLINE: G. Gordon Godfrey is sent to Earth by Darkseid to subvert Earth's Legends
 STANDOUT ISSUE: None, but had the Suicide Squad bits been amalgamated into a single issue, you would have gotten a good read.
 DUD ISSUE: None really, but a few dud moments: Cosmic Boy's appearance in #1 basically amounts to "Hi, I'm here to plug my mini. Bye now". Mind controlled people beat the crap out of Robin to the point of putting him
in a hospital, then turn against Godfrey when he slaps the kid later. So it's okay to beat a kid to a bloody pulp but not slap him? Maybe the crowd would have been less offended had Godfrey gone the Joker route and
hit the kid with a crowbar instead. In all incarnations of the Ted Kord Blue Beetle (or any other BB for that matter, except maybe the Electric Company version), I have trouble imagining him shout, "Yes, in the name of
justice!" like he did in #6
 OVERALL:  Nice artwork by Byrne, and the Suicide Squad bits are handled well, particularly the interaction with Captain Boomerang. There's also a cute parody of Jim Shooter (wearing a Star Brand uniform and talking
about having the power to create a new universe), but nothing that Shooter haters have to absolutely rush out to read. For the most part the story is merely readable at it's best, and there are some awful moments along the
way. It did help to give the new titles a boost, but in the long run, most of those titles would probably have lasted as long as they did regardless.
 CONTINUITY NOTES: Shazam bits, originally part of the Shazam mini, still work in Power of Shazam continuity. Cosmic Boy's scenes aren't part of current continuity but don't really affect the story anyway so who cares?