RUN: 1 issue Jan 1983
 KEY CREATORS (New material): Jim Owlsley (writer)
 OUTLINE: Marvel bloopers
 STANDOUT ISSUES: Well, as a one-shot, you might as well call #1 the
 DUD ISSUE: The one-shot wasn't a dud
 OVERALL: While I would have liked a text section covering the bloopers that there wasn't room for in the bulk of the book, there are some nice amusing moments like Spider-Man being called Superman, Reed having a hand where a foot should be, Iceman using his powers to create ice cream, and the great Captain America blooper which, despite using a sig earlier, I won't spoil here since it's the issue's climax. A lot of fun.
 CONTINUITY NOTES: Some of the bloopers were later explained away; others, like the hand where the foot should be, I wouldn't bother to try, personally.