RUN: 4 issues 1985
KEY CREATORS: Kurt Busiek (writer) Carmine Infantino (artist)
OUTLINE: Red Tornado teams up with TO Morrow against the Construct
EVALUATION: This isn't a spectacular story but a pleasant enough character driven tale, with good use of Kathy Sutton (Red Tornado is never more interesting than when he is interacting with Kathy) and understandable suspicion about working with TO Morrow, who may be his "father" but isn't exactly a nice guy.
RECOMMENDED OR NOT? Yes. It's  not one of the all time great stories, but a pleasant enough read.
CONTINUITY NOTES: Fits in fine, taking place shortly after the old guard has been replaced by the Detroit team, and showing that the old guard still has a vested interest in certain League matters. No official word on post-Crisis continuity, but no real reason to eject it from continuity either.