RUN: 4 issues 1994-95
KEY CREATORS: Cindy Goff (writer) and Pete Krause (artist)
OUTLINE: Maggie Sawyer teams with Lois Lane to go after Terra-Man. Her devotion to her job impacts on her relationship with her girl friend Tobie
OVERALL: With a bit of editing this could have been great. Number one thing I'd do is ditch the entire bit about Lois tagging along. The wide eyed Lois learning about what it's like to be part of the SCU takes away from the action plot involving Terra-Man which had potential but needed a little more build up of Sawyer doing detectuive work. More importantly, it takes away too much air time from the Tobie sub-plot. Tobie's been underused in the Superman books, and a series that was supposed to star Sawyer should have been a great place to really focus on their relationship. Unfortunately we get enough to tantalize on what might have been, but that's it.
RECOMMENDED OR NOT? No, and it's a real shame because I was really looking forward to this
CONTINUITY NOTES: I believe that Lois' involvement has been played up in the core titles