RUN: 50 issues, 3 Annuals, 1 Special, 1 trade paperback which reprinted some stories from Secret Origins, reprinted Man of Steel#1, and added a new story 1986-90
KEY CREATORS: Too numerous to mention, though Roy Thomas wrote quite a few of the Golden Age tales
OUTLINE: Origins of various DC heroes
STANDOUT ISSUE: #1 (origin of the Earth-2 Superman), with the best stories being Black Canary's origin (#50) and Riddler's origin (Special)
DUD ISSUES: None really, though despite the Canary story, #50 had the greatest quantity of weak stories, the worst being a test origin of Batman & Robin which covered no new ground; in fact given Nightrwing's origin earlier it was quite redundant. Other stories I found a bit lacking were the post-Crisis Flash of Two Worlds (#50) and unfortunately the non-origin
of the Golden Age Red Tornado (#29)
OVERALL: Given the risks involved in an anthology title with numerous creators, particularly since the type of story told was same in most instances, the series came out with a suprising number of good stories ranging from "didn't mind reading it" to great.  This series arguably handled Millenium better than most titles, such as in its Manhunter issue (#22). The multiple choice origin of the Phantom Stranger (#10) was a nice idea, throwing out possibilities while not committing to any. The Dead
Legionnaires issue (#47) had some poignant moments
RECOMMENDED OR NOT? Yes. Even the weakest issues have at least one good story in them.
CONTINUITY NOTES: Most origins are still valid when referred to at all, but not really the Two-Face origin (Special), since Two-Face continuity currently uses the similar but contradictory version that appeared in Batman Annual#14  not long after. Unfortunately, Hypertime kind of weakens the Phantom Stranger story. Due to the conceit of Hypertime, each of the origins is in fact the definitive origin for a Phantom Stranger on some world or other, rather than letting it be "maybe true, maybe not".