RUN: 5 issues 1995
KEY CREATORS: Grant Morrison and Mark Miller (writers) Steve Yoewall (art)
OUTLINE: People going around killing Skrulls. Also some HYDRA agents
STANDOUT/DUD ISSUES: None really, though I liked #5 the least.
OVERALL: Despite a clever bit involving the Skrull cows from Fantastic Four#2, this is a bad series. A really, really bad series.  Unless you're hell bent to see Skrulls get killed, there's not reason to buy this. And they charged a higher price by putting on a fancy cover?!?  I read #1-4 from a friend's copy and got #5 from the bargain bin. I don't know why I bothered with the last one.
 Characterization on both sides is non-existent for the most part, though the heroes are so mean spirited that I have to agree with Slings & Arrows Guide to Comics and say I ended up rooting for the Skrulls as well, given that most of the carnage was the heroes' doing..  And aside from the lack of characterization, seeing all the Skrulls get killed (aside from a sidetrack involving HYDRA) is really it for plots. And they needed two writers for this?!? Maybe if they had have a third writer they could have
come up with a third group for the heroes to kill. I recently panned Transformers, but the simplest issues were far more complex than this story.
RECOMMENDED ON NOT? Not. One of the worst mini-series of all time (though not the worst; that honour goes to Genesis).
CONTINUITY NOTES: like Byrne before them, Morrison and Miller play off the Skrull cows (Byrne in terms their milk, M&M their meat). Evidently its fertile ground for writers. Hmm, that's brings up one final area that the cows could still have an effect...