RUN: 41 ISSUES 1989-91
KEY CREATORS: Tom DeFalco, Howard Mackie, and Steve Gerber wrote Hawkeye. Mark Bright is the first artist;  rotating cast on the second feature
OUTLINE: Two solo tales in each each, usually a Hawkeye tale and a
rotating backup
STANDOUT ISSUES: Full issue? None. I did like the Yellowjacket (Rita) tale and Sundragon storyline (18-20)
DUD ISSUES: At least the first issue with Gerber's Hawkeye and the US Agent backup.
OVERALL: In a way it's a shame there were a few good tales to try to weed out of the bunch, because most of the stories (including the key Trickshot addition to Hawkeye's origin #1-?) are boring as hell. I'm amazed I lasted long enough to get to the Sundragon story.  One other story, though not superb, is still okay is the teaming of Hawkeye, Peregrine, and Sandman against the Communist Red Skull.
 Unfortunately I can't think of an issue I read where both stories were really good. This title felt very much like it was coming out of an assembly line for the most part
RECOMMENDED OR NOT: As a whole, no. If you can raid the bargain bin, pick up the Sundragon story and skip whatever was being cranked out in Hawkeye at the time. Also check out the Yellowjacket story, where she she gives up
her vows of revenge because she gets the hots for the Black Knight
CONTINUITY NOTES: Trickshot explained a minor detail in Hawkeye's origin but not why he lied to everyone including his wife.