RUN: 12 issues 1985-86
OUTLINE: The Squadron attempts to create a utopia on their world, but unexpected and unwanted consequences
STANDOUT ISSUE: The final issue, as the Redeemers try to convince the
Squadron to give up their plans, with tragic results.
OVERALL: This is the best work Gruenwald ever did, mny personal favorite Marvel story. This series successful combines social and philosophical issues, strong characterization and high fantasy into a powerful story. The heroes seem far more real than most of the heroes in the main Marvel Universe and some of the mistakes they make give them real touches of humanity. Having the series in close to real world time creates a feel of a saga as well.
 This series is not entirely without its flaws. Notably, it's a bit confusing what happens to the Marvel-Earth Hyperion if you haven't read the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Book of the Dead. And while the cameras aren't fooled by one illusion by Moonglow, they somehow are fooled into showing her in her illusory slim form when the illusion is
 However so much of this story does work that one can forgive the minor lapses.
RECOMMENDED OR NOT? This is one comic every superhero fan should read. While not on the uppermost tier of best superhero stories, it's pretty much at the top of the next tier.
CONTINUITY NOTES: Although they didn't appear for a while after this except in their graphic novel, after time compression this may have taken place in less than a year Marvel time