RUN: 5+6+4 issues, 1984-86
KEY CREATORS: Jack Kirby (writer v1, writer/artist v2)
OUTLINE: v1: Darkseid engineers a clash between various heroes and their foes (aside from Robin, most were Justice League members in the main continuity). v2: Heroes go up directly against Darkseid and co. v3:
villains from what I recall are characters who were heroes in the Super Friends TV show
DUD ISSUE: At least v3#1, the last issue I read
EVALUATION: Mindless adventures of key heroes. The first mini does have at least one cute bit (Joker's shrink doodles instead of taking notes) but is not too memorable. The second mini has some of Kirby's worst art (reportedly due to eyesight troubles), with characters (especially Green Arrow) having teeth as big as skyscrapers. Without Kirby a bad series actually got worse and after sampling one issue of v3 I finally came to my senses and bailed from this horrible series of mini-series. I'll never understand why I read as much of this title as I did.
RECOMMENDED OR NOT: Strongly not recommended. Each mini is worse than the
one before (though to be fair I didn't read v3#2-4).
CONTINUITY NOTES: Even before Crisis, it's debatable whether it was