RUN: 12 issues 1984-85
KEY CREATORS: Jim Shooter (writer) Mike Zeck (artist)
OUTLINE: Curious about Earth (or at least the good and evil aspects), various heroes and villains get transported by a sentient universe to a planet it created so it could study them
STANDOUT/DUD ISSUES: All were pretty much the same quality level
OVERALL: It's important to keep in mind that I haven't read this in over a decade. That said, at the time, I found the series to be enjoyable enough, though hardly anything spectacular. It was interesting seeing the interactions of the various characters and how some (e.g. Colossus) were shaped by the events. I also liked the idea of a third force developing due to internal politics on the heroes' side.
 Sadly, given the idea of taking various heroes and villains out of their usual terrain and putting them in a strange environment, there really isn't any great insights into human nature that such a situation should have created. And the series is hardly Klaw's finest hour.
 As an amusing note, I remember at the time enjoying it but being annoyed that they charged a whole $1 (Canadian) for it instead of the usual 75c price.
 Minor nitpick: each mini was at best a single War and not a series of Wars. Yes, the two combined constitute Wars but that's not the context the titles suggest.
 RECOMMENDED OR NOT? Yes, but don't expect any great insights. Strictly a time passer, while Zeck's art helping the time passage go a bit smoother
 CONTINUITY NOTES: The series did impact on various titles. Unfortunately this meant that you knew quite a bit about what was going to happen in the mini well before the 12 issues were up.