[DISCLAIMER:  The information providers for the Freenet martial arts sig did not write
the following material or the essays about the various arts, and it is included
only as stepping stones for sig visitors in their own search...]

The information contained in the following menus is taken directly from the following FAQ. rec.martial-arts FAQ ==================== This FAQ is based on previous versions of the FAQ maintained by Izar Tarandach and Alex Jackl. The current maintainer of this FAQ is Randy Pals (pals@ipact.com). The rec.martial-arts FAQ and Newbie Guide are available on rtfm.mit.edu in the directory pub/usenet-by-hierarchy/rec/martial-arts, with the filenames rec.martial-arts_FAQ_part_1_of_3, rec.martial-arts_FAQ_part_2_of_3, rec.martial-arts_FAQ_part_3_of_3, and rec.martial-arts_Newbie_Guide. This FAQ is not intended to be a Martial Arts Bible, but to give some help to those that are looking for a place to start, or those more experienced that would like to know more about some different style, have a particular doubt, etc. Please note that this is not the Absolute Truth(TM) but rather an attempt to give clear and basic information about this group and the martial arts. Your suggestions, opinions, and additions are welcome; send e-mail to pals@ipact.com.