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We hope to provide a complete listing of the martial arts available in the greater Victoria region and to provide a forum for teachers to explain their art to the public. If you are not listed and wish to be, or if you are listed and don't want to continue the listing, or if you want to add, delete, or change material in your listing, please contact us as below:


James Penner wu781

Listing of Martial Arts in Victoria...This list contains the martial arts available in the Victoria area, and is subject to change.

Discussion Group.Non-members can't access this news group but membership is FREE and provides access to lots of discussion groups of local interest!!!

BOOK REVIEW: Canadian Law: Self Defence and the Martial Artist...

General Information...This section contains a large amount of information about all of the ordinary martial arts in a general scope, that is, without reference to any partiacular club here in town.

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