Bagua Zhang in Victoria

1. Victoria Wushu Center:

Andrea Falk

Phone: 721-5878 for info...

2. Yama Neko (Mountain Cat) Butoku Kai Bagua Zhang

Ted Truscott

Phone: 474-5434

Lineage: Victoria Wushu Center and Yama Neko Bagua Zhang

  1. Dong Meng-Ling

  2. Dong Hai-Chuan (1797-1882)

  3. Zhang Zha-Dong (also called Zhang Zhankui) (1858-1938)

  4. Jiang Rongqiao (1890- 1974)

  5. Huan Dahai

  6. Andrea Falk

  7. Ted Truscott

    Andrea Falk:

    and the Victoria Wushu Center...

    • A practicing martial artist since 1972 with a Master of Physical Education and Bachelor of Arts in Chinese (employed as a professional translator).

    • Learned Yang and Chen style taijiquan, baguazhang, xingyi quan, cha quan, wushu (changquan) and wushu weapons while studying in China.

    • International teacher of taijiquan, Europe and Japan.

    • Wushu Canada committee member choosing the Canadian representative to the world championship Wushu tournament,1995...Canada placed 6th in the world!

    • Founded the Wushu Center in Montreal, 1984 and Victoria 1992. She can be found Wednesday evenings, 6 pm, at Frank Hobbs School and Saturday mornings, 9:30 am, practicing and teaching in Playfair Park, situated between Quadra, Union and Tattersal streets. PHONE: 721-5878 for info...

    • Her translation of Jiang Ronqiao's classic BAGUAZHANG (1963), is available from Andrea Falk, P.O. Box 6550 Victoria, B.C., V8P SN7. This book has been accepted as an excellent translation by Chinese martial artists and her next efforts, translating a Taijiquan and a Xingyi Quan manual are awaited...

    Ted Truscott:

    I teach an introduction to bagua with permission of Ms. Falk. Any and all discrepancies between my form and the classical methods are strictly my own inexperience and ineptatude and do not reflect upon Andrea's abilities as a teacher.

    I practice two empty hand sets, the Bejing University set and the Shanghai set of Jiang Rongqiao and I am currently working on a Saber set and Deer Horn set.

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